Our office is fresh as a firm and its approach, but still established after the long experience of our people.

This experience makes us know that, if there is such a service that is valuable in properties and real estate, it's the “care” for each and every need, dream, or investment of every person who seeks to acquire, to sell or to manage a property. Because our times are not easy.

In our times, the time we consume makes it rare, and the «icon» dominates our fast pacing life and leads our decisions - iKoN

In our times, our space is our statement on creation. The space we live in is our “home” (IKON in ancient Greek), that ensures our safety and prosperity. - iKoN

In our times, luxury in our lives is to choose your “icon” and your “IKON” (personal space-home) such, that can be you!

iKoN Properties

For our team, the leading role does not belong to the property. Belongs to YOU.

As a customer, you are special and important to us, as much as you are for your self.

Whether, for use or investment, the space you choose is the “icon” of your importance. It’s the luxury you deserve.

That space, we have the duty to help you locate it, and to coordinate every single and nessesary action, to assist you have it, in the most affordable cost.

CALL US NOW, because:

In iKoN Properties we don’t "present": We Understand.

In iKoN Properties we don’t "mediate": We coordinate.

In iKoN Properties the luxury you personally deserve: Floursihes